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AA Playoff Preview

First off, I am just glad we were able to get here. Not the Cranberry team "we", "we" being the league .

There were many points during the year where I thought cancellation was imminent. The let's see how many games we can cram early on because we won't be able to play late into July, but here we are.

The Oilers pretty easily ran away with AA. They finished with a 4-game lead, but as crazy as it is if that Friday night 2-0 and the following day 3-2 loss were flipped we would be the top seed. Not saying we should have won both but we easily could have. In the end not overly important because we still got a bye. In the end maybe they try harder to beat the Ducks in what was in the end, because they beat us, a meaningless series.

The Oilers will get the winner of the Ducks and Devils, which is a game I would like to see if it wasn't the same time and night as the game that has implications for us. There is no combination of scenarios that would surprised me on that side of the bracket. Oilers the front runners obviously, but the Ducks can beat Person and the Devils have beat him.

I think the Ducks are the sleeper team of the playoffs. A 5-seed that can easily win it all. They have the minimum of 3 solid arms needed to win a title and can hit. Playoff lineup baseball favors them assuming they are going with the best 9 philosophy and not worrying about playing time.

For our side, I will be interested to see who throws game 1 for the Eagles and Bandidos. Horowitz for the Eagles was pretty good. One of the top handful of guys who can throw hard in AA while throwing strikes. It wouldn't shock me if he took down the Bandidos.

The Bandidos have multiple arms they can throw. I would assume it's Gallagher or if he is around Eddinger. But Olesko and Contrella are solid arms too. The Bandidos definitely have the depth to make it from the play in to winning a title.

These two teams faced off recently. About 10 days ago the Eagles swept the series with the Bandidos, with 7-2 and 10-5 wins.

As usual the AA playoffs will be fun and unpredictable. Hopefully this year unpredictable just means a 2-seed wins it all.

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