• cranberrynaba

Games 11&12: Split

Just like Saturday, we were super short handed Sunday. Except we lost even another infielder before the game started.

We didn't string too many hits together. We had 9 at the end of the game, but they were spread between 4 people.

Errors killed us. We were down about 5 infielders, so it was expected to an extent. Kind of shocked we made it our of the Ducks game Saturday without any errors.

We tied it in the 5th but they came back and pretty much ended it with a 5-run inning in the bottom half.

Game 2 was much different, somehow. Although we did next to nothing after the 2nd inning. We got 2 in the first and 6 in the 2nd and then kind of coasted.

Losing that first game might really come back to haunt us. We are only halfway through the season so there is a lot of baseball left, but that could be the difference between getting the top seed and going directly to a series and not.

We do have 2 games left against the Grizzlies, and like I said just a lot of baseball left in general.

Keeping a top 3 seed will be huge if we can manage to do it. In the past the playoffs have gone play in game then the team with a bye gets them as the 2nd part of a doubleheader. But teams have pushed games to Friday in the past to avoid that.

But, the league as a whole is only 45% over. We hit our halfway point. I would gladly take a 16-6-2 finish if we just repeat in the 2nd half, but our schedule gets a good bit harder coming up.

Off until Saturday, we get the Piranhas then we get the Bandidos for the first time this year bright and early Sunday morning.