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Players of the Decade Voting

The most important vote in 2020 is finally here.

Stats screen shots are included in the voting forms.


These stats are only as accurate as the managers entering them. A lot of stats over the years may not have been entered, or the teams used a third party site like gamechanger for their stats.

Also, from taking a quick look there are a lot that are obviously off. It mostly comes in the pitching stats, but there are some hitting ones that don't seem real as well.

The stats in the screenshots are from 2010-2019, aka the 2010s. For the handful of people still playing that were around before that, I do have career stats from 2003-2019. But again only as accurate as the managers kept/entered them.

The stats will more likely help voting when voting in other leagues or something to help break a tie based on reputation.

Most teams have 5 nominees, a couple have 3, and the Ducks have 6. I wasn't going to let Ben not nominate himself and I didn't want to have to take someone off of his nomination list. Other than some long folded teams, these were all nominated by their managers. I think old Elliott, Militia, Black Sox me and Ben came up with the nominees ourselves.

In order to get some extra votes, I will give away a Tyler Boyd autographed Pitt football. Don't worry it's not anything crazy. It's been sitting in my basement for years and I hate Pitt.

On each form there is a spot for an email. The email isn't required, but if you want a chance to win you have to put in a valid email. Then I will do a random draw when it is all over and email the winner.

A voting form

AA voting form

AAA voting form


I will look into it, but no promises on if I can confirm it is right or wrong. If I can confirm I will gladly fix, already fixed one on a first run through having someone look into it. Got the wrong brother in the nominations.

Once voting is over each team will have its one representative. Some will have 2-3, can't imagine anyone getting 4, but I guess it's possible.

The all decade team's will be formed with the following roster construction.

Players who hit and pitch will be on the team once and just noted as also being a pitcher.

So if a player is an outfielder and pitcher he might slide into the bench pitching spot but also noted as an outfielder, or the outfield spot and also noted as a pitcher, whatever that team "needs" more. For NABA bare minimum pitching wise seems like 4 arms, so these teams will have a minimum of 4 guys who can pitch.

Obviously guys play more than one position, but these position requirements are a bare minimum so we aren't flooding these rosters with 7 bench outfielders and no catchers or infielders.

So if someone primarily plays outfield but also plays second it, again, will be noted.

Below are all the notes I got from manager's in regards to their nominees. I made no edits to them.


  • Ryan Gallagher--Gallagher pitched the Bandidos all the way to a championship 3 years ago. He won Pitcher of the year. #13 is the smartest pitcher and I wouldn't want anyone else with the game on the line besides him.

  • Eric Friend--Eric has been the heart and soul of the team from day 1. Whether it's a huge defensive play in centerfield, his speed on the bases or his consistent bat, Eric is always the go to guy that keeps the Bandidos machine rolling.

  • Dave O'Leary--Big Dawg comes through when it matters most. A staple at shortstop, or wherever the Bandidos need him, O'Leary is capable of carrying the team offensively and has been a steady glove his entire time with the team. His dedication is always maxed out.

  • Anthony Rauso--Ant has been like a fine wine behind the plate for the Bandidos. His dedication is always there and was a huge reason the Bandidos was able to secure a championship. If there has been a more durable catcher in the NABA over the years, I haven't seen him. Anth does not take a game off unless we make him.

  • Zach Eddinger--Edge is the most dominant pitcher I have ever played with. His defensive prowess and baseball smarts makes him the best overall player the Bandidos have ever had. All the little things added up and was Edge was the focal point of the Bandidos championship success.


  • Kristopher Sweeney- played with the Matadors, Sharks, Wolfpack One of the best 3rd baseman’s in the league, championship with the Wolfpack 2014

  • Kevin Sweeney- best utility player on the Wolfpack, championship with the Wolfpack 2014

  • Travis coney- one of the best 1st baseman’s in the league, and best hitter on the Wolfpack, played with the Sharks, championship with the Wolfpack 2014

  • Pat Bauer- one of best starting pitchers in the league, played with the Sharks and Wolfpack, championship with the Wolfpack 2014

  • TJ Winkler - played with the Sharks and Wolfpack , one of our best starting pitchers on the team , plus great infielder, championship with the Wolfpack in 2014.


  • Mike Huber: retired following 2019 championship; career .300+ hitter, struck out less than 30 times in 9 seasons. 2 time champion.

  • Brandon Bouchard: Devils career leader in wins (24) and innings on the mound. 2 time champion. Devils career ERA leader. 10 year vet.

  • Scott Rush: Holds multiple devils offensive records. Four career home runs, over 125 RBIs, devils career leader in extra base hits, and a .300+ hitter. 10 year vet. 2 time champion.

  • Rich Rodi: 10 year vet, 9 years as manager. Career .300+ hitter and second in team history in innings on the mound. Devils all time leader in doubles and walks. 2 time champion.

  • Logan Austin: one of the leagues best pitchers for the past three seasons including a devils and possibly PGH NABA record 18 strikeouts in one game last year. 2019 MVP and is a career .300 hitter.


  • Jake Stumpf - Likely 2019 AA MVP. One of the better hitters and pitchers currently in AA. Team MVP in consecutive seasons.

  • DJ Delucia - Team MVP in 2016. Two-time team hitter of the year.

  • Derrick Wood - Team MVP in 2015. One of the better defensive catchers in AA.

  • Matt Richardson - One of the best fielders we have ever had. Always a downside of only playing about half the games in a season but made an impact when he did.

  • Andy Germani - 2013 team MVP

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